Google Review June 17, 2021

5-star review
Fantastic meeting place. Very friendly staff for the event and at the connected restaurant. Meeting spaces kept at a comfortable temperature.


Google Review March 3, 2021

5-Star Rating
Pretty cool place next to the world-famous airbase.

Google review February 20, 2021

5-star review
Excellent food and service so glad open

Google Review April 1, 2021

5-Star - Google
Very nice place

Google Review April 16, 2021

April 16, 2021 - 5 Star review

This was a phenomenal fundraising dinner sponsored by Elizabeth New Life Center and it was a great event with delicious meals excellent cause to become actually in support of. I highly recommend this place as a host site for your banquet event and definitely enjoyed an evening of fine dining great speaking and many people who I believe will further advance positive change in our community.